Self Defense Ammunition

At COR®BON/Glaser® Ammunition, we are proud to offer a wide range of self-defense ammunition. From high-penetration, barrier-blind ammunition that performs best after penetrating a heavy barrier, to low penetration ammunition best used in interior, close-quarters situations, we have the right PDATM for you!


COR®BON DPX® is a solid copper hollow-point bullet that combines the best of the lightweight, high speed JHPs and the heavy weight, deep penetrating JHPs.

  • Lead-free Projectile
  • 11 to 18” Deep penetration in ballistic gelatin
  • 100% Weight Retention
  • Conquers auto glass & steels


MPR is a TRUE Multi-Purpose Rifle line. Whether you use it for hunting, target or long range sniper matches, it’s the one load that can do it all! MPR™ uses bullets that provide the highest ballistic coefficient in the industry, and with its hard-hitting extreme expansion it’s sure to get the job done right the first time.

  • It provides rapid, explosive expansion without excessive penetration
  • Max velocity & reduced recoil for better follow up shots
  • Perfect CQB or long range self-defense round


COR®BON JHP™ is the traditional hollow point that put COR®BON on the map. JHP™ is proven ammunition that provides reliable penetration and expansion.

  • Innovative internal & external serrations
  • Soft lead cavity creates stopping power
  • 8 to 15” Average penetration in ballistic gelatin


Pow’RBall® was designed to look and feed like hardball ammo, but perform like a reliable control expansion round.

  • Polymer ball delays & controls expansion
  • 9 to 14” Average penetration in ballistic gelatin
  • High Velocity
  • Low recoil for quicker follow-up shots


Urban Response®is the ideal self-defense pistol load for CQB-close quarter battle, urban environments such as subdivisions, apartment complexes, and mobile home parks. Before Evil comes calling to your URBAN area, fill your MAGS and “GET HOME BAG” with Urban Response. It’s ammo that’ll get you home to your loved ones.

  • Softer polymer ball accelerates expansion
  • Thinner jacket for rapid expansion
  • 8 to 13” average penetration in ballistic gelatin
  • High Velocity
  • Low penetration, ideal for urban settings


Glaser Safety Slug® is designed for close-quarters security and defense where over-penetration is a concern. Using a copper jacket, it is filled with a compressed lead shot and then capped with a round polymer ball.

  • Polymer ball allows for enhanced feeding
  • Glaser Silver; 6 to 9” Average penetration in ballistic gelatin
  • Glaser Blue; 5 to 7” Average penetration in ballistic gelatin
  • Low penetration with high energy!