Hunting Ammunition

At COR®BON/Glaser® Ammunition, we are dedicated to providing hunters with a wide range of Performance DrivenTM Ammunition to enhance their hunting experience. Choosing the right bullet type for your hunt is crucial to any hunter, especially if you are using the bullet for self-defense against Grizzly Bear.

Imagine you are hunting a large animal like grizzly bear or Cape buffalo. Now both of these animals do share similar characteristics, even though they are on two different continents. Natural defenses, such as thick skin, large muscle mass, and heavy bones present a challenge to successfully taking these games. Which means that you need a non-expanding bullet for hand gun or high power rifle that will penetrate through the skin and muscle mass while still caring enough energy to crush bones. The goal is to immobilize the animal from running off or charging.

There are two different types of bullets used for hunting, depending on your needs: Expanding and Non-Expanding.

Expanding Bullets will mushroom or increase in bullet diameter to create more damage to the game you are hunting. The more violently the bullet expands the quicker it begins to slow down. The quicker the bullet slows down the less the penetration. Also, the greater the frontal area of the bullet is, the more damage it will do. But the large frontal area will also slow down the bullet, causing less penetration. So, like everything in life, it’s a trade off. The goal is to find the right balance of expansion and penetration for the type of game your hunting.

Non-Expanding Bullets are designed specifically for maximum penetration. When do you want maximum penetration? You will want it when game gets to the largest size like Buffalo, Hippo, and Elephant. These animals are so tough and thick-skinned that expanding bullets just won’t penetrate enough to get to the vitals. The goal here is to have a bullet that not only penetrates deep enough, but also does not veer off course. This is what we call straight-line penetration. If a bullet strikes bone and veers off course it may not hit the vitals like the brain or heart. This can lead to a very long chase or lost animal.


MPR™ is a TRUE Multi-Purpose Rifle line. Whether you use it for hunting, target or long range sniper matches, it’s the one load that can do it all! MPR™ uses bullets that provide the highest ballistic coefficient in the industry, and with its hard-hitting extreme expansion it’s sure to get the job done right the first time.

  • Unlike open tipped match bullets, the MPR reliably expands for humane kills on varmints and deer sized game giving just the RIGHT amount of penetration.

  • Average Penetration: 18” to 28” depending on caliber.


DPX® Hunter Ammunition loads that utilize the excellent all-copper hollow point, or tipped bullet. DPX will give you excellent performance on any size game. The bullets are known for their reliable, consistent expansion, as well as their heavy bone breaking ability. CORBON DPX Hunter ammunition is the official sponsor of Steve West Outdoors Adventures.

  • 100% Weight Retention
  • Reduced Pressure, Higher Velocity
  • Polymer Tip for Aerodynamic Performance
  • Crashes Through Heavy Bone


For over 25 years COR®BON’s dedicated and skilled team have been developing innovative hunting ammunition for serious handgun hunters heading around the world to harvest large, tough and dangerous game. COR®BON Hunter currently offers a wide variety of hunting loads featuring many different bullets styles, such as: Jacketed Soft Point (JSP), Bonded Core Bullets (BC), Hard Cast (HC), Round Nose Penetrators (RNPN), and much more.

New for 2015, the COR®BON Hunter line has expanded to offers some of its loads using the world-renowned Swift® A-Frame and Scirocco II bullets.