For over 33 years COR®BON‘s dedicated and skilled team has been developing innovative hunting ammunition for serious hunters traveling around the world to harvest large, tough, and dangerous game.

Peter Pi originally designed his handgun hunting ammo from his passion of handgun hunting after becoming frustrated with the lack of serious handgun hunting ammunition on the market, he developed his own process, over 33 years ago, to create the highest performance handgun ammo in the world. This product is the ammunition that started it all. COR®BON stands for Bonded Core. It has been successfully proven through the years by worldwide hunting greats such as Larry Kelly, (Mag-na-Port) and JD Jones, (SSK Industries).

CORBON Hunter Bullet Anatomy

Expanding Bullets

Swift A-Frame

Swift A-Frame bullets are unique in the fact that they have a bonded dual core separated by a copper partition. Intended for heavy, thick skinned game. This bullet expands to twice its bullet diameter and typically has 90 to 100% weight retention. Available in both handgun and rifle loads.

Swift Scirocco II

Scirocco II bullets have a bonded core and are long-range stream-lined bullets for long range rifle hunting. It has the highest ballistic coefficient of any bonded core hunting bullets on the market today. Typically expanding to twice its bullet diameter and retains 90 to 95% of its original weight. Available only in rifle loads.

BCSP Bullet

Bonded Core Jacketed Soft Point (BCSP) bullets are available in handgun hunting loads. Optimum for handgun hunting medium to heavy game these bullets typically expand to twice their original diameter and retains 90 to 95% of its original weight. 

Jacketed Soft Point (JSP)

Jacketed Soft Point (JSP) bullets are a classic bullet designed for deep penetration with high weight retention on medium and large game animals. Its features include a special lead alloy core formulated to provide proper expansion qualities. On impact, the bullet will allow the core to flow over the leading edge of the jacket, in effect locking the core in place and retaining as much mass as possible.

Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP)

A Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) made with a gilding metal jacket and a soft lead core. The jacket is specially scored inside and out to ensure uniform and rapid expansion. This is a Non-Bonded used for both self-defense and hunting light game. This bullet mushrooms in the traditional sense to typically 200% original diameter. The jacket and lead peel back to the bullet base.

Non-Expanding Bullets

HC Bullet

Hard Cast lead bullets are used in both handgun and lever action loads. This hard hitting, straight penetrating design is required for large and dangerous thick-skinned game. This bullet will retain nearly 100% of its weight retention.  


A Round Nosed Penetrator is a bullet with a thick jacket and a very hard lead core. This non-expanding bullet is used in handguns for deep penetration on large and heavy dangerous game. This non-expanding bullet will retain 100% of its weight.  


Full Metal Jacket bullets are a non-expanding bullet for general hunting and target shooting. This bullet will retain 100% of its weight.