At COR®BON/Glaser® Ammunition, we are proud, as sponsors to be associated with television programming that features the best in self-defense and hunting entertainment!

The Best Defense - On the Outdoor Channel

The Best Defense® is an exciting new show that teaches self defense through knowledge, preparation and awareness for men and women alike. The show features defense methods tht inolve: firearms, unarmed defensive situations, and self-defense product reviews. Every episode includes practice tips and techniques for self defense.

The series travels the United States, visiting law enforcement academies and military training facilities where guest hosts and experts, including veteran law enforcement trainers and published personal defense  authors, will demonstrate life-saving techniques for self-defense in the home, at the officem on a plane, ore even when lost in the woods.

  • Watch it every Wednesday at 4:30pm on the Outdoor Channel

Steve's Outdoor Adventures - On the Outdoor Channel

Steve’s Outdoor Adventures TV focuses on big game hunting in adventure destinations across Alaska, British Columbia, The Yukon, NWT, and the arctic region as well as the western states.

This weekly program shares host Steve West’s amazing journeys into some of the wildest places in North America while hunting with outfitters and guides that specialize in those adventure hunts.

  • Steve’s Outdoor Adventures is seen exclusively on Outdoor Channel.       
  • Watch it every Tuesday at 10:30am.