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COR®BON's handgun ammunition runs the gamut from ammunition that will not over-penetrate or ricochet to ammo with exceptional penetrating capabilities. In order from least penetrating to most, they are:

  1. The Glaser Safety Slug (an excellent choice for in-home use) will not over penetrate and endanger others behind the intended target. It penetrates between 3-8 inches in soft targets but will not go through interior walls nor will it defeat hard barriers.
  2. The standard self-defense JHP bullets and COR®BON Pow'RBall loads will penetrate 7-15 inches of ballistics gelatin after passing through 4 layers of denim. These rounds are a good choice for outdoor carry. The Pow'RBall ammunition also provides enhanced feeding in semi-automatic guns.
  3. Finally, our deepest penetrating round, the DPX, in most pistol calibers, is capable of up to 18 inches of penetration in the gelatin test. It will defeat hard barriers including one layer of automotive steel or glass and stay on a straight course. This is a great choice for law enforcement duties.