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COR®BON's 45 Colt +P ammunition is not suitable for all guns. It should NEVER be fired in old guns, especially Colt single action army revolvers or clones thereof.

We use these criteria: Any Model gun that is also offered in .44 magnums will handle COR®BON's 45 Colt +P loads. This cartridge may be used in modern hunting revolvers such as Ruger's "Black Hawk", and "Red hawk", Freedom Arms revolver, The Colt "Anaconda", and the Thompson Center "Contender".

Most modern lever action rifles chambered in 45 Colt will safely fire this +P round. However, some of the loads, such as the 335 grain hard cast may be too long to function/cycle in your gun. Our rounds are longer than standard SAAMI specs and as such may not feed into battery in lever action guns.

This cartridge, in the proper gun, makes a formidable hunting load. The 300 grain JSP round, for example, generates 1126 ft lbs of energy at the muzzle.

COR®BON's 45-70 +P loads are only recommended for the strongest of actions. Marlins "Model 1895" and The Ruger "#1" are suitable. Under no circumstances should our 45-70 govt. +P load be fired in "trap door" guns or replicas thereof.