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  • Will my gun shoot your 90 grain .380 auto cartridge at 1050 feet per second?

    Any pistol, of modern manufacture and built to SAAMI specifications will safely fire our .380 ammo. Barrel lengths of at least two inches are needed to get 1050 fps from the 90 grain bullets.

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  • What are the Bullet Abbreviations?

    General Abbreviations

    • B/L: Barrel Length

    Self-Defense JHP: 

    • SD: Self Defense
    • JHP: Jacketed Hollow Point
    • JSP:Jacketed Soft Point
    • Varmint Grenade-Frangible core, Explosive fragmentation
    • BT-Boat Tail

    Self-Defense DPX: 

    • DPX: Deep Penetration X Bullet
    • DPX-Deep Penetrating X-panding Bullet

    CORBON Hunter:

    • HT: CORBON Hunter
    • BCSP: Bonded Core Soft Point
    • RNPN: Round Nose Penetrator
    • JSP: Jacketed Soft Point
    • HC: Hard Cast
    • JHP: Jacketed Hollow Point
    • BCHP: Bonded Core Hollow Point
    • FPPN: Flat Point Penetrator
    • BC: Bonded Core
    • FMJ: Full Metal Jacket
    • SP: Soft Point

    DPX Hunter: 

    • DPX: Deep Penetration X Bullet
    • T-DPX: Tipped DPX
    • DPX- Deep Penetrating X-panding Bullet

    Glaser Pow’RBall:

    • PB: Pow’RBall

    Expedition Hunter:

    • DPX-Deep Penetrating X-panding Bullet
    • FPBS-Flat Point Brass Solid

    Performance Match:

    • FMJ: Full Metal Jacket 
    • HPBT: Hollow Point Boat Tail
    • FMJ-RBT: Full Metal Jacket-Rebated Boat Tail
    • VLD: Very Low Drag

    Multi-Purpose Green:

      • MPG: Multi-Purpose Green
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  • Are those velocities on your boxes for real?

    Yes. Although velocities will vary from gun to gun; we test with the same guns common to our customers. Such as S&W, Glock, Sig Sauer, Springfield Armory, Taurus etc.

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  • Can I use COR®BON +P ammunition in my gun?

    Not every gun will handle COR®BON's +P ammo. Our +P products are loaded to SAAMI specs and should only be fired in guns warranted by the firearm manufacturer as being  rated by for use with SAAMI to shoot +P ammunition. Older guns, or guns you do not know the history of, should not be used to shoot +P ammo unless checked by a competent gunsmith. The best source to ask about the capabilities of your gun is the manufacturer of the gun. Our technical staff may also be able to help answer these questions.

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  • Tell me about COR®BON’s non-SAAMI spec. 45 Colt +P and 45-70 Govt. +P loads?

    COR®BON's 45 Colt +P ammunition is not suitable for all guns. It should NEVER be fired in old guns, especially Colt single action army revolvers or clones thereof.

    We use these criteria: Any Model gun that is also offered in .44 magnums will handle COR®BON's 45 Colt +P loads. This cartridge may be used in modern hunting revolvers such as Ruger's "Black Hawk", and "Red hawk", Freedom Arms revolver, The Colt "Anaconda", and the Thompson Center "Contender".

    Most modern lever action rifles chambered in 45 Colt will safely fire this +P round. However, some of the loads, such as the… Read More +

  • What if I have questions about which ammo to use in my gun?

    Our technical staff is available Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm to field questions from our customers.

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  • Is there a difference between the 32 auto and the 32 NAA?

    Definitely YES! They are two completely different cartridges! The 32 auto is a straight walled case. The 32 NAA (North American Arms) is a 380 auto case necked down to 32 calibers and will not fit in 32 auto chambered firearms.

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  • Is there a difference between the 25 auto and the 25 NAA?

    Yes. The 25 NAA (North American Arms) is based on a necked down 32 auto case and as such will not chamber in a 25 auto chambered gun.

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  • What are the different applications for your different lines of ammunition and what are the comparisons in penetration?

    COR®BON's handgun ammunition runs the gamut from ammunition that will not over-penetrate or ricochet to ammo with exceptional penetrating capabilities. In order from least penetrating to most, they are:

    1. The Glaser Safety Slug (an excellent choice for in-home use) will not over penetrate and endanger others behind the intended target. It penetrates between 3-8 inches in soft targets but will not go through interior walls nor will it defeat hard barriers.
    2. The standard self-defense JHP bullets and COR®BON Pow'RBall loads will penetrate 7-15 inches of ballistics gelatin after passing through 4 layers of denim. These rounds are a good choice for outdoor carry.… Read More +
  • What is the best ammo to use in a self-defense/home defense situation?

     The Glaser Safety Slug provides the best in-home choice, when over penetration is an issue. This bullet will not endanger persons in adjacent rooms or dwellings. It is however very effective on any soft target it hits. A possible self-defense plan might include using a magazine or speed loader of Glaser Safety Slugs in the home; then switching to a higher penetrating load such as Pow'RBall or DPX when you carry outside the home.

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  • Do you offer discounts for Law Enforcement and Military Personnel on or off the website?

    Yes. For website discount enquires please refer to the Sign In/Registation page. For additional information please call our toll-free number 1.800.626.7266.

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  • Does COR®BON/Glaser present demonstrations and product information sessions?

    Yes, contact our sales department for scheduling. Please call 1800.626.7266

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  • What is SAAMI?

    SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturer's Institute Inc.) is part of the American National Standards Institute, Inc. (ANSI) and is the governing body of the firearms/ammunition industry. SAAMI sets voluntary performance standards for pressure and velocity of rifle, shotgun and pistol arms and ammunition. COR®BON is a SAAMI member and as such follows established SAAMI specifications unless otherwise noted. COR®BON's 45 colt +P and 45-70 +P ammunition are not within SAAMI specifications. Please call our technical staff if you have questions about these two cartridges.

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  • What is the difference between the Blue and the Silver Glaser Safety Slugs?

    The Glaser Blues are intended for use in most self defense situations. They consist of a thin copper jacket into which a mass of #12 shot is compressed. The bullet stays in one piece until it strikes the intended target; then the jacket peels back and the shot spreads out inside the target. This produces tremendous stock and tissue damage without endangering innocent bystanders.

    The Silver is constructed in the same manner as the Blue except they contain #6 shot and will penetrate 2-3 inches deeper than the Blue. We recommend this load for those climates in which you might need… Read More +

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