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DPX shldJust when we thought the BEST couldn't get any BETTER! We are super excited to share the improvement to our DPX bullets.

 We are super excited to share the improvement to our DPX® bullets. 6 cuts all the way through the ogive means longer and sharper petals for terminal damage. We reshaped the nose for quicker expansion and provide deeper penetration. It’s still solid copper which meets CA standards as our previous version does. You will LOVE the polymer nickel coated case with Ducta-Bright 7a. This new technology keeps the cases shiny forever! It improves low light Chamber checks and will ease extraction from a dirty chamber. We have started with our most popular caliber 9mm 115gr and feel so confident that you will LOVE the improvements, will be changing over the entire line by the end of 2016.

COR®BON is always looking to provide you with the best- Always one step ahead….

dpx with gun