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Sturgis, SD (October 20, 2015) - COR®BON is excited to introduce MPR™-Multip Purpose Rifle Ammunition. We believe we found the perfect all-purpose round that will take you from home, to the shooting range and the hunting fields.

The bullets in our NEW MPR™ features a gilding metal jacket with a specially formulated lead core and a green acetal resin tip. The major advantage of this tip is to reduce drag, producing extremely high ballistic coefficient. This tip also creates more reliable feeding in magazine fed firearms.

SELF DEFENSE • It provides rapid, explosive expansion without excessive penetration.

ON THE SHOOTING RANGE • Its aerodynamic resin tip offers extreme accuracy at long-range precision competition and it's perfect for 3 gun matches. The resin tip also improves feeding in magazine fed rifles.

FOR THE HUNTING RANGE • Unlike open tipped match bullets, the MPR reliably expands for humane kills on varmints and deer size game giving just the RIGHT amount of penetration.

Due to the high ballistic coefficient, the 308 calibers stay supersonic at more than 100 yards.

  • Resin tipped to reduce drag and improve ballistic coefficient
  • Great for long range hunting varmints to deer sized game
  • Superb for long range precision matches and target shooting as well as 3 gun matches
  • Perfect as a long range or CQB self-defense round
  • Sold in 20 round boxes