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COR®BON’s quality control is second to none! We fervently stand behind it. That takes a lot of extra care in manufacturing and hence a bit longer production time than other manufacturers that run at higher capacity. Our employees take great pride in their work and are honored to create the best PROVEN, Performance Driven™ Ammunition you can buy. We refuse to compromise accelerated delivery times over our quality controls.

Creating quality ammunition takes good engineering, quality components, and rigorous testing in various mediums along with years of experience. There have been several “new” ammunition companies  lately with a promise of the latest wonder product at bargain prices. These unPROVEN companies and products may seem like a bargain, but would you compromise your safety or that of your loved ones on weird designs and gimmicks, along with products that have been rushed to market, over tried and true designs and quality control measures that have spanned 36 years? This is absolutely unfathomable in our minds.

COR®BON continues its steady growth using PROVEN designs, unsurpassed quality control, and exceptional customer service! We stand behind our products 100%. If you are unsatisfied with any of our products, simply contact us and will gladly resolve any issues.

Our family sincerely thanks you for your continued patronage. We all are facing some unsettling social changes, BUT you can rest assured, Our family will back you up when you need it!