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DPX Hunter

COR®BON's DPX® Deep Penetrating X-panding ammunition is a PROVEN hunting load in the field, it utilizes an all-copper hollow point or tipped bullet. DPX® Hunter is available in rifle loads as well as handgun hunting loads. The reliable solid copper bullet provides consistent expansion, and deep penetration. Weight retention is 100% with this load even if thick hides, heavy dense muscle or large heavy bone are encountered. When hunting wild game from Coyotes to Cape buffalo, COR®BON DPX® has a load to handle them all.


Lead Free Restrictions?:
All DPX bullets are also certified lead free and can be used in California.

“I don’t trust any other ammunition and in my line of work. My life depends on quality ammo.” 
-Professional Hunter Steve West, Steve’s Outdoor Adventure.

• Target Accuracy
• Deep Penetration
• 100% Weight Retention
• Crashes Through Heavy Bone
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DPX Rifle

DPX R shldCOR®BON’s DPX ® tactical rifle ammunition exhibits performance superior to all other defensive rifle ammunition on the market. “Barrier blind” is the new terminology for ammunition that performs well after penetrating a heavy barrier like auto glass or steel. DPX® is the only ammunition that maintains 100% of its weight after going through such barriers. The reason is the homogenous solid copper projectiles we use in these loads.DPX.rifle.lft

DPX® ammuntion reliably penetrates hard barriers, while it only penetrates to what is considered safe depths of 11 to 18 inches in ballistic gelatin. In tactical scenarios, DPX® tactical rifle ammunition has PROVEN to out-perform conventional leaded core bullets. This makes it “best of the best”.

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DPX Handgun

DPX shld COR®BON DPX® Handgun ammunition exhibits performance superior to all other defensive ammunition on the market. The reason is the homogenous solid copper projectile. “Barrier blind” is the new terminology for ammunition that outstandingly performs after penetrating a heavy barrier like auto glass or steel. DPX® is the only DPX.handgun ammunition that maintains 100% of its weight after going through such barriers. DPX® is certified lead-free, and can be used in California.


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COR®BON's Original JHP


COR®BON JHP™ is the original “HOT STUFF”! Back in 1982, our testing showed that most Jacked Hollow Point (JHP™) ammunition would plug up with clothing and fail to expand in soft tissue. The typical JHP™ was passing through like hardball ammo causing little damage. For this reason, the original COR®BON JHP was designed with higher velocity than our competitors. Independent studies* have shown that the rapid energy transfer from the bullets violent and immediate expansion in ballistic gelatin has given our JHP a one-shot stopping power percentage of over 90%! The rapid expansion reduces projectile over penetration. Our JHP™ typically achieves 8”-15” of penetration. COR®BON’s line of high-velocity JHP™ ammunition is still PROVEN to be effective and remains #1 in STOPPING POWER!

**Handgun Stopping Power: The Definitive Study by Evan Marshall and Ed Sanow, 1992 Paladin Press


The faster a bullet is traveling, the more energy is created. Energy developed at the muzzle must be transferred or "dumped" into the target to be effective. Energy transfer is aided by bullet expansion. The higher the velocity, the more rapidly the expansion, the more effectively the energy is expended into the target. This explosive expansion dumps the available energy quickly, creating tremendous shocking power, and causes immediate STOPPING POWER! Stopping Power means SAFETY! Don't be misguided by those who claim that their products have some magical or mystical performance advantage or that they can make a reduced power load with increased performance. We believe it isn't possible!

All COR®BON's defensive ammunition is test fired into ballistic ordnance gelatin. Penetration varies from 8 to 15 inches. Combine this with an expansion range of up to twice the original bullet diameter and the result is an ideal defensive load, available in all popular calibers. Other ammunition is still being judged by our standard Jacketed Hollow Point ammunition. COR®BON has been leading the way for over 25 years. Always innovative, always one step ahead of the competition. There may be less expensive ammunition available, but are you willing to sacrifice your life on what you think is a bargain? It only takes ONE.

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