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Glaser Safety Slug

The Glaser® Safety Slug was designed in 1974 in response to the possibility of having to use a handgun on an airplane by the Sky Marshals. The concerns at that time were over penetration on soft tissue and ricochets on hard surfaces and possible overall excess penetration.

Today, Glaser® offers this excellent performing round for civilian use. It is recommended for the urban dweller and anyone who is concerned with over penetration. Courthouses, hospitals, amusement parks and similar security agencies have found that the Glaser Safety Slug provides exactly what is needed.

Glaser® Safety Slug works exactly as it was designed to do over 30 years ago. Using a copper jacket, it is filled with a compressed load of either #12 or # 6 lead shot, then capped with a round polymer ball that enhances feeding and reloading.The Safety Slug bullet design assures that there will be no over penetration as well as reducing the likelihood of a ricochet on hard surfaces while still causing significant soft tissue destruction.

Glaser® Safety Slug's features still make this a very good choice for personal protection whether in the home or on a crowded street.

  •  Reliable feeding and reloading
  •  Minimizes concerns with over penetration and ricochets on hard surfaces
  •  Excellent for close quarter security